St Asaph Cricket Club devastated by flooding

Cricket pitch renovation at St Asaph CC

In 2012, the long-established St Asaph Cricket Club was devastated by flooding when the river Elwy burst its banks. Having replaced the pavilion and the square as a priority, the outfield needed a complete renovation; the historically undulating surface needed re-levelling. 360 Ground Care stepped in to manage the cricket pitch renovation.

Practice nets under water


The outfield after the flood

360 stepped in

Our first task in the cricket pitch renovation was soil testing to determine the quality of the soil profile and the depth of usable soil.

7 days after spraying off, we rotavated the area in 2 directions to 12 inches, followed by power harrowing to break up the soil. Around 650 tonnes of spoil were processed, sieved and screened, resulting in 400 tonnes of stone and 250 tonnes of topsoil.

After a process of cut-and-fill and laser levelling, where needed, the outfield was regraded in 2 days.

The area was lightly rolled ready for seeding, and pre-seed fertiliser applied.

Vredo overseeding

We chose Masterline PM 45 sown at 50gm2, as this gave a high quality sward mix and coverage: hard wearing, good colour and high presentation. The seed was applied with a Vredo 214 disc seeder – which guarantees a 96% germination rate. The following Spring, another two passes with seed sown at 35gm2 to thicken up the sward. The Vredo’s rear roller also helps firm up the surface.

Viewing the site in late November, Len Smith – regional pitch advisor for the Grounds and Natural Turf Improvement Programme – was very impressed: “The wicket has always been rated as one of the best in North Wales, but until now the outfield has never been treated as it should have been. Thankfully, its days of undulations and high levels of compaction are now behind it.”

360 Ground Care will now implement a management programme and carry out all grounds maintenance of the cricket outfield.

Future management programme

Application of Symbio Caviar 10.0.4 organic granular fertiliser applied at 50gm2 in April. This encourages rootmass and a slow-release organic nutrient to the established sward. The Caviar will also aid and encourage seed germination and establishment of the seed that was overseeded 2 weeks prior.

In-season granular fertiliser, with a make up of 8.0.6 will be applied at 35gm2 to give the grass a little pick-me-up without encouraging excessive soft growth that increases cutting; less susceptible to disease.

End of season turf hardener: 3.0.3 granular will be applied to increase plant strength going into the winter months. Sending the grass plant into the winter strong and healthy and reduce moss and weed infestation.

pitch renovation

End of season cricket pitch renovation of the outfield: Shockwave linear aeration to depth of 9 inches, light scarification and collection; Air2g2 direct air injection on the heavy-use compacted areas, such as the run up.


Gareth L Ryan, Chairman St Asaph Cricket Club

“I approached 360 Groundcare in June of 2016 because our playing outfield at St Asaph CC has been extremely undulating in certain areas and has gradually got worse since the floods of 2012.

360 Groundcare helped me by explaining in detail all the options that they had available to fix the problems. The result of which now is a playing field that has been laser levelled, seeded and rolled and is a standard that you would align with a county cricket ground.

What was particularly pleasing was their focus in recycling materials that could be used as part of the levelling exercise and their attention to detail.

I found the experience of working with the 360 team an enjoyable one! as their passion to make the project work was never in doubt.

I would recommend 360 Groundcare to any sports ground who are looking for major or minor renovations to their facility.”

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