Football pitch renovation Bangor City Football Club

Sports turf works very hard, and even with the best maintenance team, it needs a complete pitch renovation from time to time, in order to ensure the perfect playing surface.

Surface water problems

Towards the end of a long season, the pitch had started to hold surface water in a number of areas due to a build-up of thatch, which resulted in a small number of games begin called off.

The pitch renovation works needed to be completed within a limited time frame to accommodate fixtures, some of which were to be televised.

Immediately following the last game of the season, the pitch renovation works began.

Koro® Fieldtopmaker® 1200 pitch renovation
Koro® Fieldtopmaker® 1200, removing the top 25mm

The pitch renovation

Initially, we used the Koro® Fieldtopmaker® 1200 to remove the top 25mm of the entire pitch – approximately 120 tonnes of material was removed.

Having applied 100 tonnes of sports sand, the Verti-drain was used, to a depth of 12”, to aerate and de-compact the soil

pitch renovation
100 tonnes of sports sand added

Having prepared the ground, the pitch was seeded with 500kg of Rigby Taylor R14, using the Vredo 214 disc seeder in one direction and the Blec dimple seeder in another direction.

The works were finished off with a drag mat and an application of 280kg of 8:12:8 Fertilizer.

  • R14 Football & Rugby Pitches Grass Seed – gives excellent shoot density and wear characteristics with quick establishment and good root development
  •  8:12:8 Fertilizer is a pre-seeding or pre-turfing fertilizer which promotes earlier grass coverage and quicker root development. Contains 20% organic nutrition (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium)

The result

7 weeks after the pitch renovation was completed, the stadium hosted a Europa League game.


Bangor City FC

Football has been played in Bangor since the late 1870’s, with Bangor City joining the Football Association of Wales in in 1877.  There have been many memorable accolades over the years, and “The Welsh Cup has been a favourite trophy of Bangor City over the years. City has won the trophy eight times – only Wrexham, Cardiff and Swansea have won it more often.”

Having had a couple of homes over the years, they moved to their current purpose-built stadium at Nantporth, on the banks of the Menai Straits, in 2012. “Immediately popular due to its excellent playing surface and facilities, the stadium has become the venue of choice for representative matches in North West Wales.”

Bangor City FC host Wales under 21 games, Europa League games, even Champions League games have been held there. The Welsh FA use it as a training base; Wales ladies play there.