Vegetation management Chester Golf Club

The brief from Chester Golf Club

The course has several large areas of  dense vegetation on steep banks, running alongside fairways. This can cause a challenge for many teams.  The vegetation management of these types of areas, where they might be accessible (just about) to men with strimmers, would create Health & Safety issues, due to the steep gradient; it would also be very labour intensive due to the size of the areas.

This is where the flailbot comes into it’s own; it was designed specifically for this kind of work.

Flailbot vegetation management
Flailbot clearing the steep bank

The flailbot for vegetation management

The flailbot is a tracked mower, operated by remote control by an operator at a safe distance. It is effectively designed for challenging, steeply inclined terrains, providing the ultimate in power to weight performance.

The area covered by our works had been somewhat neglected and was beginning to look unsightly due to the challenge of managing it safely.

Using the standard flail cutting head, the flailbot handled the gradient of the bank and the density of the vegetation with ease. The grounds maintenance works were completed in one day, with one operator.

Flailbot vegetation management
Flailbot – All in a day’s work

The aesthetic of the area has improved as well as increasing the playability value of the hole.

We will be back next year to maintain the area.

Chester Golf Club

Founded in 1901, Chester Golf Club is a par 71 meadowland course on two levels boundaried within a loop of the River Dee with extensive views of the Welsh hills  and the mainline railway.  The tree lined fairways lead the player to some of the best greens in Cheshire

Chester Golf Club has achieved the Golfmark Award and Sport England’s Clubmark accreditation.