Pitch renovation Chester Boughton Hall CC

After a successful season 2017, the cricket square had been worked very hard, and was rewarded with an end of season pitch renovation.

Graden Scarifier, pitch renovation
Graden Scarifier

The Graden Scarifier was brought in to scarify the area in two directions, bringing to the surface a significant amount of debris.

pitch renovation
Tractor mounted sweeper

All spoil was collected, using a tractor mounted sweeper collector, and recycled. The scarified grooves are then left clean and open in preparation for overseeding, ensuring maximum seed to soil contact

We brought in the Blec dimple seeder for the overseeding. Dimple seeding is the preferred method in this instance as this places the seed in a perfect seed to soil pot, which will increase germination and establishment rates.

A pre seed fertiliser was then applied and left for a period of four weeks.

On our return to the site, the square was topdressed using a drop spreader; the dressing was worked into the surface using a drag mat.

Four weeks after pitch renovation

Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club

Established over 100 years ago, Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club has a tradition built upon strong principles established by its members.

The Club’s passion and purpose have ensured that it has rightly become an ECB Focus Club within the region providing unrivalled facilities for players, members and spectators young and old.

2017 Winners of: Cheshire County League Premier Division; Liverpool Competition; Cheshire Cup; Cheshire Women’s Cricket League T20 Cup; Cheshire Women’s Cricket League T20 KO Cup