Pitch renovation Carmel Bowling Club

The brief from Carmel Bowling Club

We were contacted by Carmel Bowling Club as they had an issue with the playing surface holding too much water, leading to cancellation of practice sessions and fixtures. Following consultation, we timetabled an end of season pitch renovation.

Our solution

We found a large infestation of moss across the green, and a build-up of thatch in the top 20 mm  of the soil profile, which led to the surface holding excessive moisture.  Identifying the underlying cause allowed us to prescribe the solution, working within the budget of the Club.

Pitch renovation began by using the Air2g2 to a depth of 12″. The revolutionary Air2g2 is designed to aerate deep into the soil by injecting air; this fractures the ground horizontally and forces the air upwards to de-compact the soil around the root zone of the grass plants.

To remove the thatch, the Green was scarified to a depth of 15mm, with a double pass of the Graden Scarifier.

Graden Scarifier, pitch renovation
Graden Scarifier

All resulting spoil was collected using a brush sweeper and recycled, leaving the playing surface clean and debris free; all scarifying grooves were left clean and open.

carmel bowling club

Completing the pitch renovation, the Green was overseeded using a broadcast spreader. The seed was worked into the open scarifying grooves to ensure maximum seed to soil contact, thereby increasing germination and establishment rates.