Summer – football and rugby field tips for peak pitch condition

The following tips will assist you in keeping your pitch in peak condition through the summer before the start of the season.


MowingStart to mow the pitch with a cylinder mower set at 35–45 mm.

Consider applying a summer fertiliser to ensure establishment of the new grass. Contact 360 Groundcare for details.

Mow regularly to prevent ryegrass flower stalks establishing.

IrrigationContinue irrigating if possible and pay attention to the centre of the pitch and goal mouth areas if water is limited.
Top DressingAreas which look thin and uneven should be topdressed at a rate of about 1-2kg/m2 using Sports sand or a 70/30 mix depending on climate and ground conditions.



MowingThe grass seeded in May should now be sufficiently established to mow at 35mm with a cylinder mower. Remove the clippings by always having the grass collection box fitted as this reduces the chance of organic build up at the surface, caused by decaying leaves.

Frequent mowing, twice a week (once every week minimum) will improve the density of the turf.

Line-MarkingMake the initial lines using a quality marking paint which doesn’t contain Glyphosate, (glyphosate is now prohibited).


AerationIt is time to start aeration again, using the following equipment to help encourage good root growth:

•      Procore

•      Quadraplay

•      Vertidrain

•      Air-2G2 along with deep slitting


Try to remove worm casts before mowing if possible by brushing. Continue regular mowing at 35mm.

HerbicideConsider applying herbicide to treat weeds if necessary.
Top-DressingA light topdressing may be required. Overseeding can be done at this time using cold season germinating Tetraploid seed cultivars.