Commercial services

  • Wedding venues and country estates
  • Property developments
  • Local authorities and public highways

Wedding venues and country estates

Call on our services if your grounds need reinstating after an event, for example when the weather and/or unusually heavy foot traffic around a marquee damaged your lawns, or you need to prepare for the next big date in your calendar.

After discussing your requirements and timescales, we will put forward a plan for reinstatement, to compete the works to your schedule and with minimum disruption. We can also put in place an ongoing maintenance programmes

We work with several venues and estates, as well as National Trust properties, on maintenance and reinstatement projects.
We also work with country estates to prepare land for grouse, working to optimise the gorse for the three stages of growth necessary for their development.

Property developments

Once the construction phase of the property development has completed, we will undertake the site preparation and introduction of large-lawned areas to prepare the development for marketing and to create an appealing environment for the new homeowners.

Local authorities and public highways

We work with local authorities in a number of areas. These include:

  • Management of grass banks and hard to reach areas – our flailbot is ideal for inaccessible areas, even at inclines of up to 55 degrees
  • Reinstatement of parks and other spaces after an event where the grounds have taken a heavy toll
  • Local recreation facilities, especially sports pitches and bowling greens

Likewise, we will manage the land around public highways, either for the local authority or private landowner, depending on who is responsible for the maintenance. Again, our flailbot comes into its own on the banks.

We can also prepare and seed the land alongside highways after construction works to build or extend the road.

To find out more

If you would like to discuss your project, please call us on 01745 582211.

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