How We Work

We take a ‘Sustainable Land Management’ approach to our work.

How we work

The only limit is our collaborative imagination – yours, together with ours. We are passionate about the environment and sustainable land management

Miles Todd

Miles is our driving force.

His experience clearly demonstrates his passion for the work.

His reason for moving away from course management into ground care contracting, was to bring his attention to detail to a wider playing field.

Miles and his team are always looking for innovation in practices and passionate about promoting sustainable, organic and low environmental impact management; finding the most cost-effective solutions.

Miles’ career highlights include:

  • 12 years green-keeping; 3 as deputy manager. Appointed Course manager at the age of 25 with 4 years experience
  • One of 10 inaugural members establishing the BIGGA Young Greenkeepers Committee
  • Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year 2012 – runner up
  • Responsible for high quality playing surfaces for the LGU Ladies home international 2013 at Maesdu Golf Club, and the Welsh Youth Open 2015 (international)

Our commitment to you

  • We will complement and enhance your current provision
  • We will bring understanding of your priorities and restrictions
  • We will bring care and attention to detail
  • We will consider the most sustainable land management options

Helping the environment

We understand the importance of the preservation of the environment and sustainable land management, and by using the latest accepted practices and equipment, we aim to combine the management of land, biodiversity and other environmental resources to meet your specific needs.


Many animals and habitats are now protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000. Some of the guidelines are specific to, for example, bats, nesting birds and badgers.
We use the guidelines to undertake a wildlife survey of your site, to ensure any nesting birds or protected species are identified, and how this may affect the proposed work.


Where possible and appropriate, we encourage preservation in order to minimise the impact on the local bio-diversity.

Where this is not appropriate, we encourage re-planting.


We aim to prevent pollution of land, air and water. Should we need to refuel on site, we use spill mats to protect the area.


We promote the re-use of waste materials, such as logs and wood chip

All other green waste is disposed of responsibly at green waste recycling facilities in compliance with Environment Agency guidelines.

A low carbon footprint

We always aim to maximise fuel efficiency:

  • Through planning we give consideration to efficient travel routes
  • Vehicles and equipment are turned off when not in use
  • Vehicles and equipment are regularly serviced to maintain efficiency

We are working towards a paperless office – we promote use of electronic quotes and invoices where possible.