Vegetation Management

Bomford Flailbot

The original Flailbot, designed for challenging terrains, fitted with a 40hp engine provides the ultimate in power to weight performance in the remote controlled track bank mower market.

We have 2 Flailbots for covering challenging, steeply inclined terrain.

Remotely controlled wirelessly, the Flailbot provides ultimate mowing and vegetation clearance capability whilst keeping the operator at a safe distance.

2 Flailbots

Possible Applications include:

  • Hilly and mountainous
  • Banks
  • Escarpments
  • Rail corridors
  • Military facilities
  • Public
  • Industrial and energy
  • Forests
  • Airports
  • Drainage systems
  • Municipal assets
  • Sports facilities
Flailbot Gorse Removal

Key Features

  • Variable track width for particularly difficult or steep conditions – track width can be increased individually by 250mm (10”), increasing the footprint for added stability
  • Can work efficiently and safely on slopes up to 55 degrees
  • Tracked for maximum grip and minimal disruption
  • 150 metre remote control distance
  • Inter changeable attachments
  • Can reach those areas where no other machine can operate

Attachments Available


For cutting trenches in restricted areas and on prestigious surfaces. Cuts a trench for irrigation pipes, cables and drainage systems. Can cut trenches to maximum depth of 900mm and with of up to 300mm

Flailbot with Trencher Attachment

Stump Grinder

A powerful, yet compact designed stump grinder is suitable for removal of tree stumps after cutting the tree down.

Foresrty Head 1.4 m

Designed to cut thicker vegetation than the standard cutting head, with swinging hammer flails for vegetation up to 5” leaving it in a fine mulch.

Standard flail head 1.6 m

Perfect for cutting all types of green vegetation up to 35mm (1 3/8”) diameter with bi- directional cutting rotor for increased quality of finish.