Sports pitches – turf management

What makes a good sports pitch

The Football Association lists the four main criteria of good sports pitches’ playing surface as:

  • Sufficient/adequate grass coverage
  • Low level of weeds
  • Flat and true
  • Good drainage

Long gone are the days of a football pitch looking like a mud bath by mid-winter. Proper regular maintenance and renovation means that pitches can be kept in excellent conditions for the players and fans throughout the season.

This is true of all playing surfaces, whatever the sport. And that is what we deliver!

Sports we cover

We manage and renovate sports pitches for a wide range of sports, both professional and amateur. If it is played on grass, we can help!

We work with a wide range of sports clubs and local authorities on the following sports pitches and playing surfaces:

  • Football pitches
  • Rugby pitches
  • Cricket pitches
  • Bowling greens
  • Tennis courts

We also work with schools and colleges to maintain and renovate their sports pitches, for all the above sports, and more.

Sports pitch maintenance and renovation

We work with clients in a number of ways, most commonly renovation of the playing surface and ongoing maintenance.

Renovation, normally done at the end of the season, will entail:

  • Removal of the surface and application of sports sand – if the surface does not need removing, we will scarify instead
  • Aeration and de-compaction of the soil
  • Over-seeding and application of fertilizer
  • Top dressing, worked into the surface using a drag mat

A programme of maintenance will cover a planned schedule of aeration, scarifying, hollow coring, top dressing and fertilizer application. Part of the planned maintenance programme may include an end of season renovation. However, with regular maintenance, a full renovation will be needed every two to three years, rather than annually.

Case studies

You can view our case studies covering a range of sports pitches and the different types of work we have done, including restoring the outfield for St Asaph Cricket Club after disastrous flooding and a moss-infested waterlogged playing surface at Carmel Bowling Club.

To find out more

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