Ground care and turf management services

Our turf management services are all designed to improve the quality and performance of the turf, whether for professional or amateur clubs and users. We have a large fleet of specialist machinery which allows us to undertake these tasks quickly and effectively, thus significantly reducing the time your pitch or course is “offline”, including fitting in with schedules and pitch/course demands.


Aeration is where the turf is punctured with spikes of varying lengths and thickness to allow air and water deep into the soil to break down thatch and improve drainage.


We have a great deal of expertise and the right equipment to improve drainage for all types of playing surfaces, using a range of different techniques. One of our clients whose pitch we renovated two years ago told us recently that even after a very heavy period of rain, the pitch was still in great shape and they had never seen drainage like it!

Ground reinstatement

Ground reinstatement is the relaying of new turf onto the playing surface after it has been fully prepared. We will recommend the type of turf to be used, according to the soil conditions and the future usage of the site, including the use of jumbo thick roll turf for immediate play.

Hollow coring

Hollow coring, also known as hollow tining, is the removal of cores of turf from the playing surface after the soil has become compacted and/or there is too much fibre or thatch (roots, grass stems and debris). The hollow coring lets the compacted turf expand, as well as improve drainage. Hollow coring also allows for top dressing and overseeding to improve the playing surface/drainage and air-pore space within the profile.

Koro/Fraise mowing

Koro/fraise mowing removes debris shallow rooted grasses that are not required, leaving the higher quality grass behind to thrive. A minimum of two passes is normally needed. When complete the pitch can be top-dressed and overseeded.

Maintenance and renovation

We also provide in-season maintenance and a full end of season renovation, which will include the relevant services detailed above. A programme of regular maintenance provides many benefits, including the need for fewer surface renovations, a better quality playing surface or golf course throughout the year and better drainage, so a lower risk of flooding even in heavy rain.

Nutrient application and monitoring

We will apply fertilizers and nutrients to the soil. Wherever possible we use organic products – it might take a little longer to see the results, but those results are longer lasting. It’s also kinder to our environment.


Overseeding is the application of new seed to the playing surface. The variant of seed selected will depend on the soil, the usage of the playing surface, local environmental conditions and the frequency of usage. When a pitch is being used regularly, the grass cannot recover quickly enough, which is why overseeding is used to improve the density and quality of the grass. We use both a disc seeder and/or a dimple seeder.


Scarifying uses steel blades to cut out the thatch and moss in the turf to improve the quality of the turf and improve the growth and quality of the grass. It also prepares the turf for top-dressing and overseeding. It needs undertaking regularly to maintain the quality of the turf.

Soil sampling

We can undertake soil sampling so as to analyse problems with turf and make specific recommendations for improvement. This might include courses close to sea water, highly acidic or alkaline soil and unexplained underperforming turf. Team member Ian holds a master’s degree in soil science and is extremely experienced and qualified in this area.

Surface removal

This entails the removal of the turf and a certain amount of the soil below. The soil will then be treated using aeration, overseeding, fertilization and top dressing. This would normally be done as part of a pitch or course renovation at the end of a season.

Top dressing

Topdressing is when a layer of sports sand of soil combined with organic material is applied over the turf surface. Apart from helping the growth and quality of the turf, it can also be used to level out smaller irregularities in the playing surface. Straight sands can also be used for top dressing application.

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