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Ecology and Environmental Management

Flood Defence Wall panels_Day 4

Flood Defence Walls

With the ever increasing changes in climate, flood defence walls are becoming an ever increasing necessity both for private homes and public spaces.

We can design and build flood defence walls that not only stand up to flood events but have minimum impact on the surrounding ecology.

Once erected landscaping will complete the works to provide not only a safe barrier against any damaging flooding but also an aesthetically pleasing environment.


Badger Setts

With the ever decreasing natural habitat, the UK’s wildlife is struggling to flourish. 

Badgers are a living symbol of the British countryside and are one of the UK’s most recognised and popular mammals.

We have been building badger setts since 2013, when we were first engaged by NRW (Natural Resources Wales) to design and build a badger sett in Rhuddlan, Wales, providing badgers with a permanent home or a place for badger families to return to year after year.

Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows offer a diverse habitat that is also a beautiful addition to any garden, unused land, or verge. 

Wildflower meadows provide the following advantages:

  • A variety of plants attracts pollinators such as butterflies, bees, flies and beetles as well as birds and mammals, who pollinate our local fruit and vegetables to provide us with a good seasonal crop.
  • These insects and other animals can help fight against crop pests, reducing the need for farmers to rely even more heavily on pesticides
  • The flowering plants add beauty to the landscape with a myriad of colours that change through the seasons

360 Groundcare can assess the best place to position a wildflower meadow to attract the maximum amount of pollinators and also advise on the best flowers for maximum exposure both aesthetically and environmentally.