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The Benefits of our Machinery

Amazone 150 Flail Collector – 1.5m Cutting Width 
High Tip to 1.8m,
Cutting Height 0-100mm,
Hopper Capacity 1550 Litres,
The Amazone GHLT 150 Groundkeeper flail collector will mow, collect and scarify irrespective of how long and wet the grass is. With its full width roller it will also achieve a high quality finish. Perfect for outfield, fairway and pitch scarification and collection

Raycam UniRake

Wiedenmann GXi 8

For deep aeration and removal of compaction up to 250mm depth. Working width of 1.8 metres with working speeds up to 3.2kph with a 110mm square hole spacing.

Minimal disruption to play and still achieve maximum results. Can be fitted with tine sizes from 8mm up to 23 mm diameter.

Amazone 150 Flail_scarifier collector

Rycam Uni Rake

Can be used accurately maintain natural and synthetic grass including hybrid surfaces. The UNIRAKE™ offers high intensity grooming that can be calibrated in its severity. The uni rake is used in conjunction with our recycle dresser as part of the process to break up and work material into the surface.

ISIS Rotorake TM1000

Tractor mounted scarifier with collection. 1m working with with maximum working depth of 50mm. Perfect machine for areas with limited space such as bowling greens and formal lawns , but equally as efficient on golf greens, golf tees and cricket wickets.

Classen Turf Cutter

Hydrostatic drive delivers high productivity with smooth power in both forward and reverse while providing the industry’s fastest transport speed.


Blec Cultipac seeder

Accurate seeding system.  Highly manoeuvrable and easy to use.  Eliminates the problem of tyre marks as on tractor mounted seeders. Seeding output of up to 5,000m2 per hour.

Dennis 34R Mower

Sisis Maxi Slitter

The Sisis Maxi Slitter is an ideal outfield slitter, towed behind a tractor with a working width of 1.6m. It will help aeration and compaction on playing surfaces up to a depth of 8″, with tines spaced at 9″ apart. The Maxi Slitter is fitted with a rear roller ensuring that little ground disturbance is visible with each pass.

Holland Tractor

Dennis 34R Mower

The 34r is a 34 inch rotary mower designed for efficiency and that perfect presentation The mower is ideal for sports pitches and lawns producing the enviable Dennis Stripes’ whilst a powerful vacuum flow collects debris quickly and efficiently.


New Holland boomer 40 Fitted with Galaxy turf tyres for light footprint

New Holland Boomer 50 Fitted with Galaxy turf tyres for light footprint

Kubota 7060. Can be fitted with front loader.

Kilnwoth two wheeled tractor with power harroe and rotovator attachments

Raycam AeraSeeder

Toro Pro Core
The Toro ProCore 648 aerator, with its efficient8” (122 cm) aeration swath, delivers maximum productivity and exceptional aeration.
From the innovative wheel placement within the aeration path to the TrueCore TM ground-following system that maintains consistent aeration depth, the ProCore 648 sets the standard in greens aeration.
The six precision-balanced coring heads make aerating remarkably smooth.

Imants Shockwave

Raycam AeraSeeder
The Raycam AeraSeeder is a heavy-duty ‘2-in-1’ overseeder designed for overseeding greens, tees, sportsfields & other similar fine turf surfaces, with minimal disruption to the existing sward. The unique angled coned rollers produce approximately 1750 holes per square metre and allows accurate calibration for accurate application. 

Toro Procore 2

Imants ShockWave
The Imants ShockWave is a linear decompactor,
designed to revitalise heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water. The Imants ShockWave is reputed to be the world’s fastest Power Take Off (PTO) driven rotary, linear de-compactor.



Koro Field top Maker

Imants RotoSweep & Rhea Scarifier
The Imants RotoSweep & Rhea Scarifier offers efficient removal of surface debris from sports turf, including cores, grass clippings, leaves and general litter collection.
Featuring a dual powered brush system, even
heavy debris can be collected without any damage to the grass. It can be fitted with an  interchangeable scarifier for thatch removal and collection in one pass.


Koro Field Top Maker
The Koro Field Top Maker is a heavy-duty fraise
mower, for removing unwanted surface matter
such as poa-annua, thatch, weeds or the entire
surface to a depth of 50mm.

The Air 2G2 is a self-propelled hydrostatic drive
three probe air injection machine, injecting compressed air from 7” to 12” deep (depending
upon probe fitting). This causes a fracturing
effect of the compacted rootzone, with no surface disruption.

Dakota Top Dresser

Trilo Flexispread
The Trilo Flexispread is designed to spread a
wide range of materials using infinitely variable
application rates, the FLEXISPREAD from
TRILO provides the professional way to spread
products such as dry, free running sand and wet
loam dressing.


Dakota 412
The Dakota 412 is specially designed for the fast
transportation & application of top dressing. It
will handle both wet and dry materials, allowing
light to heavy dressing. It features accurate and
easy to operate calibration system. Ideal for pitches to greens.



This superb Gambetti system knows exactly
where you have sprayed and turns individual
nozzles on and off on untreated and treated
areas. This system offers 100% precision for
safe and cost-effective application. Can also be
fitted with hand lance and pedestrian shrouded
boom for awkward areas.



Terra Spike TM
The Terra Spike™ has made its name as the best
deep loosening machine specially designed for
golf courses, sports grounds, recreational areas
and municipal parks. 
The XF6 Terra Spike™ can aerate at up to 6kph for time-effective aeration. 
18 greens can be completed in @ 6 hours.


Koro Recycle Dresser

Using the Vredo means that grassed areas can remain in use and can also be mowed as the grass seed is perfectly confined in the narrow slit as it has an inter-row distance of 7.5 cm and is made for hard ground conditions.
Puts the seed exactly where it needs to be for 98% germination rates. 


Terra Spike

Koro Recycle Dresser
The Recycle Dresser aerates underlying soil
vertically and horizontally, removing soil from the
rootzone and re-distributing it across the playing
surface. Layer and compaction are eliminated,
and biological activity increased. The Recycle
Dresser reduces the amount of new topdressing
required, thereby saving on labour and material
costs and promoting sustainable maintenance.



Other machinery we have includes:

Sisis Twin Play

Sisis Quadraplay

Quad and quad mounted sprayer

3 tonne dumper with swivel body

Imants Recycling Dresser