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Our Air2g2 machine in action


Bowling Green aeration using the Air2g2 machine

Dakota Top Dresser

Using the Dakota Top Dresser for a golf course renovation

Deep Tine Aeration

Dimple Seeder

Dragging Top Dressing

Football pitch aeration using 18mm solid tines at 225mm depth

Football pitch aeration

Bowling green final Roll

Koro Machine removing surface of cricket wicket

Koro Machine removing the surface of a bowling green that had become sub-standard

Koro Machine Surface Removal

Koro Recycle Dresser


Scarifying golf greens with Koro set with 3mm scarifying blades

Lytag Drainage


ProCore 648 fitted with hollow tines hollow coring of gold greens at Roesniger Golf Course


ProCore hollow coring of golf course

Removing organic matter from a cricket wicket

Randsomes 215

Scarifying fairways

Shockwave Machine

Vredo Disc Seeder

Applying rye grass seed to renovated wedding venue site

Vredo Disc Seeder

Overseeding Upton by Chester Golf Course greens

Vredo Disc Seeder

Overseeding Upton by Chester Golf Course Greens in slow motion


Flailbot fitted with heavy duty mulching head clearing gorse for a SSSI site


Flailbot fitted with stump grinding attachment clearing stumps at Wallasey Golf Club


Flailbot fitted with flail cutting head clearing the grounds of a country estate


Flailbot fitted with trenching attachment at Bodnant Gardens, a National Trust site


Flailbot in action removing a small tree and creating mulch


Flailbot clearing dense vegetation

Flailbot in action – GoPro